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                            CEIBS Teddy

                            TEDDY INSTAGRAM

                            ?CEIBS Teddy Instagram campaign!?

                            Join in the fun. Take a photo with the Instagram photo frame
                            on Shanghai campus.
                            Mail to Teddy and you just may be a lucky winner!

                            Date of birth: Nov 8, 2015

                            Colour: CEIBS Red

                            Hobbies: Travelling the globe and meeting new friends

                            Interests: Fashion; Promoting the CEIBS brand

                            CEIBS Teddy may only be a few years old but he’s already seen SO much of the world. In May 2016 he travelled to four different countries within eight days to join CEIBS Europe forums in Warsaw, Zurich, London & Paris.

                            On April 12, 2017, he was in Taiwan to help our alumni host a forum on innovation opportunities across the straits. This was followed by a trip to Hong Kong on April 21 to look at the endless tech, innovation and entrepreneurship possibilities between Hong Kong and the mainland. In 2018, Teddy once again joined all the major CEIBS overseas events. And of course he's been spotted at events and lectures at our campuses in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Zurich and Accra.

                            Keep watching this spot for CEIBS Teddy's next adventures, fun-filled contests and surprises; and be sure to visit the Gallery to check out his selfies and fun photos with his fans.?Tag your photos with #CEIBSTeddy so we can easily find them.

                            True to his Sino-European roots, CEIBS Teddy is active on both Chinese and English language social media -?Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, WeChat,?Weibo, Douyin, bilibili, Toutiao and Zhihu. But feel free to join the conversation in any language!?

                            If your photo makes it here, email us to claim your prize!

                            Are you CEIBS student, alumni or employee??Want to join our team of?CEIBS Teddy Global Ambassadors? Just let us know by sending an email to?

                            As a?CEIBS Teddy Global Ambassador?you will:

                            • Have fun and meet new people.
                            • Actively and positively promote CEIBS Teddy on social media.?Add #CEIBSTeddy to your posts.
                            • Assist in planning and executing CEIBS Teddy campaigns at CEIBS events in and outside China.

                            As part of the school's internationalisation strategy, CEIBS will host forums in five major cities in 2019. Our globe-trotting CEIBS Teddy will of course be at all these events!

                            Follow?CEIBS Teddy as he journeys to London, Prague, Paris, Munich and San Francisco.

                            Try to keep up with him and share your photos on social media. Win a prize if your photos are selected for the?CEIBS Teddy Gallery.

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