Open Programme 2018 Calendar

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                            CEIBS NEXT: Development Camp for Future CEOs
                            Marketing and Branding Innovation in the Digital Age
                            Capital Operations in the Era of New Economy (Modular)
                            Chief Marketing Officer Programme: A New Perspective of Marketing (Modular)
                            Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Programme (Modular)
                            Global CEO Programme(Modular)
                            CEIBS Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp (Modular)
                            Smart Health Care Startup Programme (Modular)
                            Family Office Diploma Programme (Modular)
                            "Supply Chain Plus" and Business Model Innovation: New Insights into Company Transformation
                            Strategy Execution
                            Chief Human Resources Officer (CHO) Programme (Modular)
                            Advanced Management Programme – Europe (Modular)
                            CEIBS-Wharton-IESE Business School Global CEO Programme: Define your legacy (Modular)
                            Developing a Strategic Mindset
                            High Performance and Sustainable Leadership
                            Advanced Management Programme (Modular)
                            Game Theory in Practice: How to Compete and Cooperate More Effectively?
                            New Perspectives on Strategy in an Ever-Changing World
                            Diploma in Leadership Development Programme (Modular)
                            Strategic Thinking on Executive Performance Management
                            Marketing Strategy in the New Landscape
                            Integrating and Managing Acquisitions
                            Key Account Management
                            Managerial Psychology in Practice
                            Human Resources Management: Psychology, Human Nature and Culture
                            Talent Management Programme
                            The Psychology of Coaching Teams and Leading Organisation
                            Women in Leadership Programme
                            Strategic Negotiation Programme
                            Managing Strategic Investment Decisions
                            Finance for Non-financial Executives
                            Financial Statements Interpretation for Decision-makers

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